Stress incontinence is ruining my sex life

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Q. Ever since the birth of my third child six months ago, I’ve suffered from stress incontinence (I leak when I cough or sneeze or exercise) and my sex life is distinctly lack lustre as I can’t really feel much. My GP has referred me to a physiotherapist on the NHS but he told me it could take months. What can I do in the meantime?

A. One in six women experience sexual problems after childbirth and one in three will suffer embarrassing leaks when they cough or sneeze. A weakened pelvic floor accounts for about 65% of female urinary incontinence – which affects 4 million women in the UK – and unfortunately, the pelvic floor exercise leaflets that are handed out have little proven value. Many doctors take the view that surgery alone can make a difference, but it often fails to bring about a complete long-term solution. So it amazes me why so few women (and doctors for that matter) know about the PelvicToner. Available on NHS prescription (free with a maternity exemption certificate), this neat little pelvic toning device can improve both a woman’s sex life (80% in a user survey) and levels of stress incontinence (86% in the same survey).

A two-year randomised clinical trial of the PelvicToner  showed it was just as effective as traditional treatment recommended by NICE.

Reproduced from Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Dec/Jan2013

Dr Hilary Jones is a general practitioner and also a television (ITV Daybreak) and radio presenter (BBC Radio2 Steve Wright Show), and a writer on medical issues.

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