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And the Platinum Award for Best Innovative Women’s Product Goes to

The followers of health guru and top celebrity Janey Lee Grace have voted the PelvicToner™ Best innovative women's product in the first Janey Loves 2011 PLATINUM AWARDS.

The citation noted "A life changing product say our testers who found this amazingly effective to strengthen the pelvic floor, great for your sex life !"

Over 4 million women in the UK suffer from the embarrassment of stress incontinence. Millions more suffer prolapse. Countless millions suffer a lacklustre sex life because they just cannot achieve intimate contact once they have been stretched childbirth.

Each year 700,000 new mums should benefit from a structured approach to pelvic floor rehabilitation but the NHS is not helping them. A third or more will succumb to stress incontinence and many more will experience sexual problems.

The PelvicToner is a registered medical device that is clinically proven to help tone and strengthen the pelvic floor by making pelvic floor muscles exercises much more effective – most users report that their symptoms of stress incontinence are sorted in just a couple of weeks if they follow the 5 minute a day exercise programme as directed.

It is the only pelvic toning device available on GP prescription.

For over 60 years since Arnold Kegel introduced his eponymous exercises, women have been short-changed in the treatment of pelvic floor weakness. The best that most British mums can expect is short talk on pelvic floor exercises or an instruction sheet. The result is that one in three new mums will suffer embarrassing leaks when they cough, sneeze, laugh and exercise. And many couples will also notice that sex is just not quite as satisfying as the family grows.

The British are notoriously squeamish about discussing bodily functions with friends, partners and even doctors. As a result there is considerable ignorance about what happens to the pelvic floor during childbirth and of the consequences of not taking early action to restore and strengthen the pelvic floor muscle. Janey Lee Grace has been a key celebrity using her website (www.imperfectlynatural.com) to promote better health options.

For many mums, the shock and embarrassment of stress incontinence often first hits home when they get back to the gym or in rough and tumble with their toddler. Trampolines and bouncy castles are often mentioned!

ctober 2011

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