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Having four kids ruined my body confidence

Shelley Perfect, 26, from Norwich, is a full-time mum to Brandon, 7, Denver, 6, Farris, 3, and 16-month old Cherry-Belle.

"After having my third son, things down below weren't as tight as they used to be. I was self-conscious about my body and embarrassed that it took my partner Duncan longer to have an orgasm.

It got to the point that I didn't want to do it anymore. Sex eas horrible for me and I felt like a saggy, baggy old mess.

My GP advised me to do pelvic floor exercises but it was difficult to gauge if I was doing them correctly and they didn't feel strong enough. Surgery was too expensive.

The I read about the PelvicToner online. It's a gadget that costs around £30 but is available on the NHS.

After using it three or four times a week for a fortnight I noticed that I didn't leak when I coughed or palyed with the kids, so was already feeling tighter. After a couple of months, Duncan started to complain because I could really squeeze quite tight!

It helped put our sex life back on trackmand soon I fell pregnant with our daughter.

I used the PelvicToner again and now Duncan and I have sex at least twice a week. He is more satisfied , my ego has returned and we want each other a lot more now.

JULIE McCAFFREY in Daily Mirror, December 2012

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