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Katie - I can hardly believe the way things have changed

A gadget saved my sex life

Katie Young endured crippling pain and depression as she battled with severe endometriosis. But despite undergoing radical surgery and a difficult recovery, she is now enjoying life - and love - with her fiance, and it's all thanks to an inexpensive little product.

In October (2001), Katie, 30, went into theatre for her operation, which, because of the delicate surgery, took most of the day to perform. Thankfully, the news awaiting her recovery when she came round was good. The surgeon had managed to laser off the endometriosis from the bowel without the need for a colostomy - although part of Katie's vagina and cervix had to be removed, making her vagina smaller and shorter.

'Since the surgery,' explains Katie, 'sex has been different for me. I can feel the scarring, and my pelvic floor muscles are weaker, causing stress incontinence. Conor (her fiance) has been fantastic - understanding and gentle. But when a friend told me about a little gadget called the PelvicToner, it sounded as if it could help.'

'The PelvicToner is a cylindrical-shaped device with a rounded top, divided through the middle - rather like hair tongs. You insert it into the vagina to help isolate the pelvic-floor muscles, using resistance to provide a mini-workout. As your pelvic-floor muscles get stronger, you increase the resistance. I've been using it for less than a month and I can already feel the difference in strength and tone. Conor calls the exercises "pelvic push-ups". My nightly workout has improved sensation for both of us - and I look on it as a kind of preparation for sex!'

'I can hardly believe the way things have changed for me in the last two years,' Katie says. 'I have my health back, my own business, a gorgeous man, and a fantastic sex life. I must be the luckiest woman in the world.'

(extract from article in Woman's Own 18 Nov 2002)

Katie Young was interviewed by top health journalist Deborah Dooley in September 2002

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