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The PelvicToner™ independent review TIPS


The PelvicToner™ is the quickest, simplest and cheapest way to achieve and maintain a stronger pelvic floor and better bladder control because it encourage subjects to undertake and maintain a pelvic floor exercise programme in the most effective way possible.

The PelvicToner™ is the only pelvic toning device to be available on NHS Prescription and is listed within the Drug Tariff Part IXA-Appliances in the new category of Pelvic Toning Devices.


The PelvicToner™ is designed to maximise the effectiveness of pelvic floor muscle exercise and as a training device to ensure a correct exercise regimen and maximum compliance.

The PelvicToner™ is recommended in all the most common uses of pelvic floor exercise:

  • post-natal pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • primary treatment of urinary stress incontinence in women
  • treatment of mild-to-moderate cases of vaginal prolapse or to supplement other treatments for prolapse that are more serious
  • non-surgical tightening of the vaginal muscles in cases of sexual dysfunction

The PelvicToner™ review by Pip, TIPS Tester

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I had two medically intrusive traumatic births and a vaginal hysterectomy. I am now a 44 year old busy Mum of two. Although I have been lucky not to suffer from any urinary stress incontinence, I can definitely use all the help I can get with my pelvic floor and exercises!

I have been doing some pelvic floor exercises since giving birth to our boys. Since my vaginal hysterectomy in July 2011I have being doing these more regularly. I had no complications what so ever but I was told it was important to do pelvic floor exercises after such surgery.

When the PelvicToner™ arrived I unpacked it with curiosity. My husband and I giggled as we both thought it looked rather like something from a sci fi film, akin to Mr Vader or perhaps some weird looking kitchen slimline salad tongs than something to aid my pelvic floor! This said, I was intrigued to try this out and see what it was all about.

It has easy to read and follow instructions. The PelvicToner™ works with resistance training: differing sized tension springs are inside the handle of a easy to clean plastic unit. Lay down on your back with your head resting on at least one pillow, relax and bend your knees keeping your feet flat about two feet apart. Position the PelvicToner™ with the 'front' adjacent to the vagina. Hold the PelvicToner™ closed with your hand and insert the unit into your vaginal opening up to the first ridge and slowly release your grip.
With practice, you can strengthen your muscles and use the stronger spring; the thicker the spring the more resistance.

This device was easy to use. It was also reassuring to know I had been doing these exercises right all along: I was able to squeeze the toner shut!

To be honest before this, I was never quite sure if I had been doing these exercises right.

The one thing I would say is you need to allow yourself ‘me -time’ each week to do these exercises. Set time aside to chill and train those muscles - this is something I struggled to do!

However, if us ladies concentrate on our body, allow ourselves time in our busy lives to do this, it can only reap rewards. Your body deserves this for its long term health, and our husbands and partners will notice the difference too! ;o)

So note to self: I need to actually schedule time when the children are at school to create to get the most benefit from my PelvicToner™, I deserve this! We only get one body, think of it as an enjoyable gym work out for 'downstairs' hee hee

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