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PelvicToner - Take control of your pelvic floor

What users say about the PelvicToner

I found Your product the most easiest to use pelvic toner on the market with excellent results. I am a qualified nurse & Can not recommended this product enough!

Well designed, easy to use, the hardest thing is remembering to use it. But it does work so worth it.

It's a great help to train my pelvic floor whenever I want. I feel more secure now.

Given me more confidence when running for fitness. Now I don't leak! The more you use it the stronger your muscles become .

Easy and effective - have recommended it!

Before I was rushing to the toilet all the time, and sometimes only just making it, this has now stopped and it does not happen now only occasionally.

I had a problem with stress incontinence and that has improved significantly

I would recommend this to all women, I have. I can now sneeze and cough standing up! no more tiny leaks.

This is an essential exercise tool for all women of my age bracket, early fifties with two children.

A great product to own!

Easy to use, and gets easier the more you use it

After 3 months of using the toner I can cough & sneeze without crossing my legs and I'm pleased to say I can also run without the need for pads.

I would recommend the pelvic toner to anyone who has stress incontinence.

See above for how it has helped. Easy to use and effective.

I feel much more comfortable, no more feeling like everything had moved down. My bladder control has improved as has my sexual enjoyment.

It's great. I wish I had had one 40 year s ago.

I think it's a great tool, simple and effective.

The recommended Kegal exercises on their own just are not effective. The Pelvic Toner is very effective and efficient. It works, immediately.

Simple, fuss free and effective.

I can't tell you how happy I am after using my pelvic toner every day for several weeks the improvement has been enormous.

I feel so much more confident in my every day life.

I like this product because it helps you to become aware of your muscles and how to tone your pelvic floor.

I also like the fact that you set aside 10 mins and that's it done rather than remembering to do three sets of exercises a day!

I feel the PelvicToner is extremely easy to use ... it has helped me considerably with stress incontinence.

Just made me realise that you can get help without going to the doctor. I've already recommended it to a close family member

Simple and effective.

Had a prolapse operation and ... have been using it for about 6 months now and I am aware of a great improvement .

Wonderful product, only wish I started sooner.

Amazing results, noticed within the first week of daily exercising

It's given me more confidence when I am out and about, am able to drink more fluids too. Thank you

I think it is easy to use and it has improved the strength of my pelvic floor muscles

Simple but effective way of strengthening the pelvic floor. I noticed a difference very quickly and I feel more confident already.

I no longer suffer from stress incontinence, amazing result.

Fab! Combination of vaginal prolapse and loss of sensation helped immensely! Happy customer!

I must admit I have not benefited as much as I could have done because I have not used the toner as often as I should! So I know what I need to do!

Easy to use and effective.

I so wish I had known about its product years ago. I have had operations etc and nothing helped. I now know that I was doing pelvic floor exercises all wrong. I am continuing to improve and no longer dread going out for a day.

The toner has made my whole condition so much better and comfortable

The Pelvic Toner is brilliant and I would highly recommend it to any woman suffering with stress incontinence.

Quickest way to put everything back in place xXx

It's easy to use and was effective in treating my stress incontinence.

There are more complicated and expensive toners out there but this did the job easily for a fraction of the price.

It's really improved things after childbirth. Thank you!

Surprised this hadn't been recommended by any health care staff.

Have had electronic pelvic toner but prefer the Pelvic Toner as its quick and easy to use and you feel confident you are excercising correctly.

I wish I had known about the pelvic toner years ago. It is really improving my control and I will continue to use it.

I think it is an excellent simple product.

I sometimes had stress incontinence when running, coughing etc which is now greatly improved

Easy to use , has strengthened pelvic floor

Easy to use, has definately improved the condition of my pelvic floor muscles

It has been very helpful and has improved my pelvic floor muscles.

100% improvement following prolapsed bladder.

It helps you focus on the muscles to use so you know that you are doing the right thing rather than just squeezing and hoping you are using the right muscles.

Has definitely improved far beyond the ordinary pelvic floor exercises given previously.

Easy to use. Improved continence.

Very easy to use. Helped to improve my tone very quickly.

it has helped me regain tone and confidence especially when doing gym classes

Easy to use and does away from using pads every day.

Easy to use, convenient, and effective. It has given me confidence.

A good product. I think I would benefit from using it more regularly.

Great, have seen an improvement quickly.

I had no idea of the poor condition of my vaginal floor. Ladies, don't wait until you're 45 to figure it out.

It has made a difference. I feel I can go longer without having to go to the toilet . I feel confident I am exercising the correct muscles .

I can feel it's different during sex, I enjoy it more.

I love it no doubt about that,,,, just have to remember to use it and it works.

The Toner is simple to use and makes you concentrate on using the vaginal muscles. With regular use the muscles become stronger giving you more control

Has been very beneficial to me.

It has helped me maintain my pelvic floor muscles after training from a specialist physiotherapist.

It is effective and brings noticable results, you have to be patient and devoted to the routine, but worth the effort.

It is a great device that can change a woman's life and also boost confidence

Source: Customer Survey

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Take control of your pelvic floor

The PelvicToner pelvic floor exerciser is a simple device that makes women's pelvic floor exercises more effective, delivering a much greater return on your efforts. It comes complete and ready to use with full instructions. Price includes delivery.

£27.99 – free P&P



Take control of your pelvic floor

Using the PelvicToner will give you the confidence that you are squeezing the correct muscles and will ensure that you get the most benefit from your exercise. 

The PelvicToner comes with everything you need to get your pelvic floor back into shape. The standard Starter Springs give you three levels of resistance that will initially prove a challenge for most women. The Stronger Springs, which you can select after you have clicked the "continue" button, give you additional higher levels of resistance, allowing you to work harder and for an ever fitter, stronger pelvic floor.

The PelvicToner comes with a 30-day Money Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.