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PelvicToner - Take control of your pelvic floor

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Take control of your pelvic floor

The PelvicToner pelvic floor exerciser comes complete and ready to use with full instructions. Price includes delivery.

£27.99 – free P&P


Take control of your pelvic floor

Using the PelvicToner will give you the confidence that you are squeezing the correct muscles and will ensure that you get the most benefit from your exercise. 

The PelvicToner comes with everything you need to get your pelvic floor back into shape. The standard Starter Springs give you three levels of resistance that will initially prove a challenge for most women. The Stronger Springs, which you can select after you have click "continue", give you additional higher levels of resistance, allowing you to work harder and for an ever fitter, stronger pelvic floor.

The PelvicToner comes with a 30-day Money Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.