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Why the PelvicToner works

Many women are aware of the benefits of a strong, fit pelvic floor and many know that they should "do their pelvic floor exercises" or "Kegels". However, left to their own devices or given a leaflet by their GP, many women fail to exercise effectively.

The key to effective pelvic floor exercises (or "Kegels")

Arnold Kegel identified key 4 principles for effective "Kegels", as pelvic floor exercises have become known, in 1948. 

The PelvicToner is specifically designed to bring these principles to women's pelvic floor exercises:

Identify the right muscles 

The PelvicToner provides actual physical feedback which tells you when you are exercising the right muscles and helps you to to squeeze them properly.

Squeeze against resistance

When you exercise with the PelvicToner your muscles are working against resistance to close the device by closing it against a spring.

Optimise your performance

The PelvicToner offers 7 levels of resistance so that you can ensure you are always working at an optimum level. 

Progress over time

As your muscles get stronger and fitter, you can increase your performance by increasing the resistance and number, frequency and type of repititions that you do.

Clinically proven, NHS approved & recommended by users

The PelvicToner provides a proven treatment for a weak pelvic floor in women. It is:

NHS approved - listed as an approved device in the NHS Drugs Tariff and available on prescription.

Clinically proven - shown in clinical trials to be an effective aid to Pelvic Floor Muscle Treatment.

Rated by users - it scores 8.5 / 10 in our on-going customer survey and 95% would recommend it to a friend.

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What our customers say

In our recent customer feedback survey, customers who use the Pelvic Toner 2 or more times a week said ...

9 out of 10 - A fantastic average rating 

Real improvements - Average 1½ step improvement (eg. Poor to Good)

Recommend to a friend - 92% would recommend to a friend

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Designed to help you do pelvic floor exercises as they should be done. More ..

Awards & Endorsements

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