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How the PelvicToner works™

The PelvicToner enables women to strengthen their pelvic floor, simply and quickly in the privacy of their own home.

How it works

Watch our animated demonstration of how the PelvicToner works to strengthen your pelvic floor muslces, or read on below.


Way back in 1948, Arnold Kegel identified 4 key principles for effective "Kegels", as pelvic floor exercises have become known. The PelvicToner is specifically designed to bring these principles to your pelvic floor exercises:

1. Identify the right muscles 

The PelvicToner provides actual physical feedback which tells you when you are exercising the right muscles and helps you to to squeeze them properly.

Why this is important: more than half of women attempting standard pelvic floor exercises fail because they are using the wrong muscles.

2. Squeeze against resistance

When you exercise with the PelvicToner, your muscles are working against resistance to close the device by closing it against a spring.

Why this is important: working against resistance makes exercising more effective, results are quicker and better.

3. Optimise your performance

The PelvicToner offers 7 levels of resistance so that you can ensure you are always working at an optimum level. 

Why this is important: muscles work best at their natural performance level, matching the resistance to your strength ensures optimum results.

4. Progress over time

As your muscles get stronger and fitter, you can increase your performance by increasing the resistance, to raise your exercise level.

Why this is important: you achieve greater strength and fitness, as the exercises are more effective and you are motivated by the measurable progress

Get yours and take control today


Take the 8 Week Challenge

Get your pelvic floor in shape in just 8 weeks, using the PelvicToner, or your money back!

Why not give a try, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain!


Read or download the instructions for the PelvicToner:

PelvicToner Instructions (PDF)

Awards & Endorsements

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