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NHS approved, clinically proven & backed by users

NHS approved & available on prescription

The PelvicToner is listed in the NHS Drug Tariff as an approved "pelvic toner device".

This means that it is available on prescription from your GP, so you if you are eligible for free prescription, you can get a Pelvic Toner for free.

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Proven effective in clinical trials

The PelvicToner has been the subject of clinical trials in both the US and the UK. Both trials concluded that the PelvicToner offered an effective treatment for health conditions caused by pelvic floor weakness.

Bristol Urological Institute Trial

The BUI trial of the PelvicToner examined the efficacy, acceptability and patient satisfaction of the device as a add-on to standard Pelvic Floor Muslce Treament.

The trial concluded that the PelvicToner was a useful addition to the standard treatment. Specific benefits raised by trial were that it helped users to identify and exercise the correct muscles, improved motivation, sustained the benefits of the treatment and provided increased patient choice.

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Sarasota Memorial Trial

The US trial set out to establish the potential of the PelvicToner to cure the symptoms of urinary stress incontinence.

The trial showed that, on average, the resting strength increased by nearly 30%. The most stunning result was that the average active (Kegel) squeeze of the participants increased by nearly 40%.

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Both these findings confirm the benefit of resistance exercise and explain why users of the PelvicToner have much better bladder control and generally feel more confident and in control of functions dependent upon pelvic floor muscle tone.

Rated by our customers

Since October 2016, we have asked every customer who purchased from our website to complete a feedback survey on the PelvicToner. We have been delighted by the responses.

Customers who use their PelvicToner 2 or more times a week …

- Rated the PelvicToner 8.5 out of 10, with over 40% giving it 10

- Felt a change in 3½ weeks

- Reported a 1½ step improvement
  (on a 4 step scale of very poor > poor > adequate > good >very good)

- And over 95% would recommend to a friend

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