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Is there a cure for stress incontinence?

It is well-documented, and has been for over 60 years, that simple, effective pelvic floor exercises can cure 85% of suitable cases of stress incontinence. For those extreme situations where exercise is not enough, there are some pharmaceutical treatments and over 150 surgical interventions.

In the UK the recommended treatment for many years has been a three month course of pelvic floor muscle training supervised by a trained specialist physiotherapist. Few women receive this because of a lack of resources.

Unfortunately, most women who pluck up courage to raise the issue are just given a leaflet. There are no clinical trials to show that giving people a leaflet helps them exercise! In fact, there is ample evidence that it fails most women. Clinical investigation shows that at least a third of women cannot identify their pelvic floor muscles and how to squeeze them. Those that do attempt the exercises get no feedback that theya re doing them correctly and most give up very quickly because of a lack of any improvement.

The PelvicToner is the only pelvic toning device available on GP prescription precisely because it addresses all of these failings.


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