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The most commonly asked questions

Can I tell if the exercise is working?

You will become more aware of your vaginal muscles and will be able to perform more squeezes with ease. This is the time to increase the resistance.

Should I worry about soreness?

The PelvicToner may produce some soreness or a slightly uncomfortable feeling, but no more than exercising any other body part. If it hurts stop and allow the muscles to recuperate. Make sure that you are relaxed and well lubricated before you begin. This will help enormously.

What happens if I stop the exercises?

If you do not exercise your pelvic floor muscles regularly they will soon become slack and deteriorate to the point where you may experience stress incontinence and lose vaginal muscle control.

Who should not use the PelvicToner?

Many midwives advise that pelvic floor exercises should not be carried out during pregnancy. Do not use the PelvicToner if you are, or may be, pregnant or are post partum. For most women this means waiting 8-12 weeks after birth, and until any episiotomy has healed, before commencing toning exercises. Women who are postpartum, prone to genito-urinary tract infections or who have had prior genito-urinary tract surgery should consult their physician prior to using the product.

How do I clean my PelvicToner?

Only use a water-soluble lubricant gel. Never use Vaseline or an oil-based product. Hand wash with soap and water before and after.

Other questions

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