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What is your recommended exercise programme

As with any exercise, it is better to start gently and build the intensity of your exercises as your fitness improves. It is best to exercise by squeezing in sets with a short break between and we recommend that you start with the Starter programme below.

Once you are confident with the basic exercise, you can experiment over time to find a programme that works for you. With the PelvicToner there are 3 ways to increase the intensity:

More squeezes – try changing the number of sets you do, or the number of repetitions per set.

Longer squeezes – vary how long you hold each squeeze, mixing short squeezes with longer ones will increase the benefit. Experiment to see what works for you.

Less rest - decrease resting times between squeezes

Harder squeezes – change the springs you use and their position to change the resistance they provide

Our advice is to take you time and build the intensity slowly. Don’t overdo it and avoid straining.

Example programmes




Fast squeezes / set
(hold for 1 second)

Long squeezes / set


1 standard


1 to 10 squeezes

1 to 2 squeezes - hold for 5 breaths each


2 standard


10 to 20 squeezes

2 to 5 queezes - try to increase length of hold


1 standard + 1 strong OR 2 strong


10 to 20 squeezes

2 to 5 queezes - try to increase length of hold

 We recommend that you do your pelvic floor exercises once a day, but at least 3 times a week. You can do more if you wish!

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