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Allie - her pelvic floor has woken up

Good morning, just wanted to give you a bit of feedback on my PelvicToner which arrived this week...what a super product. I've used it twice a day (180 reps on the extra set of springs I ordered) and can already feel more awareness of the pelvic floor muscles.. it's like they've woken up since using them with the PelvicToner which requires concentration and the correct use of the muscles is actually visible.

My pelvic floor muscles were shot – I couldn’t laugh without feeling as if I was going to leak. I started to feel the benefits of the PelvicToner after about a week, and realised how connected those muscle are - not only to your bladder but also to sexual sensation. I soon had enough stamina in the muscles to use them during lovemaking to achieve orgasm, which I’d never been able to do previously.

I've had disturbed bladder nerve sensation since a very serious attack of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in January which also left me with an almost complete inability to achieve orgasm...and I've made great strides in both departments this week alone!! I'm so optimistic that I've discovered a method of helping myself without (further) hospital intervention and all the associated emotional trauma.

I've always assumed my pelvic floor would be strong as my babies weren't delivered naturally, but until I used the PelvicToner, I didn't realise quite how much more supported my 'gynae bits' should feel. Interestingly, since I've become aware of the pelvic floor muscles using the PelvicToner, I've found that I can now tighten them (albeit in a less controlled way) as I go about my daily routine as and when I remember, and in doing so, seem to be becoming increasingly 'tuned in' to the sexy sensations that produces...much to my boyfriend's delight! Ha ha!

Thank you!

Best regards Allie C


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