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Dolly - this machine is a lifesaver

This machine is a BLOODY LIFE SAVER

I had twins, natural delivery 15 years ago. Since then I’ve had very bad leakage problems. I’ve worn pads since birth of my twins. Recently I’ve had another child. She is 3.

My leakage has gone from worse to a pipe where I'm wearing like nappies but pads.

I've been divorced once cause my ex said he couldn't enjoy intercourse and now I'm separated from my second husband for same reason.

My doctor, nurses, midwifes, physio have taught me the pelvic exercise. I have been doing them 15 years but never felt improved. I even had internal examination to check if I 'was doing the exercise properly'. Still I had problems.

I bought the TENS machine and all the other devices, yet nothing has worked. (I still have them).

Then I heard about PelvicToner. I BEGGED my doc, the physio & gyno to give it to me. All refused. Conclusion they have made an appointment for me to see the surgeon!

I finally decided to buy one. I’ve used it for TWO DAYS and I swear, I can feel my muscles working. I’ve TAKEN MY NAPPY PAD OFF and all I have on my pants is tissue!

And, I’ve BEEN DOING THE EXERCISES COMPLETELY WRONG. Everyone has lied. These people should not be allowed to give advice because they have given untrue information. I'm still shell shocked over this.

This machine is a BLOODY LIFE SAVER. IT HELPS TO PIN THE 'correct muscles, it should be next to a toothbrush.

THANKYOU, you have saved my life. XXXX

Subsequent email 10 days later

Update on the device- massive improvement. I'm coughing but no leaking. I feel tight in there? When I first used the device, there was no problem inserting it inside. Now, with regular use, I'm slowly inserting it and feel tightness.

I have tested my leakage issue by jogging but I leaked, only a bit. I will give it another week and see if I can jog!  But I can do jumping jacks with no issue!

Love this incredible device. I feel it's saving my life. No words can describe the relief I'm feeling.

Raqeebah Sharif

August 2013

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