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Heather - believes surgery will now not be necessary

Five years ago at the age of 37 I had a hysterectomy and vaginal repair due to a severe uterine prolapse and a cystocele (bladder prolapsing into the vagina). All was well for four and half years and then I started to experience a familiar feeling of dragging into the vagina.

I visited my gynaecologist who confirmed that the top of the vagina was once again descending into the lower part of the vagina and sooner or later I would need further surgery. I am a busy mum of four boys and have a part time job. There was no way I could afford the time off work and the family. I was feeling very despondent.

I came across an article in the February edition of Good Housekeeping about the PelvicToner and femetone. I went onto the websites of each. I decided to try the PelvicToner as it was affordable and seemed the better option.

I have been using my PelvicToner for four weeks now and already there had been a noticeable difference. I can go for long walks, and do not feel any dragging in the vagina. I have also noticed that I don’t need to visit the toilet so often. At a recent visit to the doctors, it was confirmed there was an improvement.

The PelvicToner is simple to use, you just need 15 minutes a day to achieve incredible results. I believe that if I continue to exercise my pelvic floor muscles with the PelvicToner, surgery will not be necessary and that I will also prevent any future bladder problems.

Heather W, Surrey March 2007

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